1656 Adanac Street
Vancouver, B.C.  V5L 2C6

6 – 1 Bdrms
24 – 2 Bdrms
14 – 3 Bdrms
2 – 4 Bdrms

Total of 46 suites

This building currently has no RGI (rent geared to income)subsidized suites available; however, market suites become available on a regular basis.  Market rent is charged at the ‘lower end of market’  (LEM) meaning the rents are subsidized to at least 10% less than similar suites in the surrounding area. Applicants must have a qualifying income to be considered for a LEM suite.

Either one small cat or dog are allowed at this property.

Please visit our Applicants page for application information.

Named for Alma Gertrude Blackwell

Alma Blackwell, ENF’s first building, is named after the grandmother of one of the founders, April English. Alma was a strong woman with an entrepreneurial spirit who valued family, community and the importance of reciprocity in life. She was one of 14 children born in a small town in rural southern Saskatchewan. At the age of 10, she was sent to live with an older sister in Winnipeg. Manitoba when her parents died. However, upon arriving, she learned her sister no longer lived in the city, and was taken in as an orphan by the staff of the Winnipeg YWCA. Receiving only a grade 4 education, Alma began working as a teenager and had first child at 16. After many years of enduring a forced marriage and struggling with poverty, Alma began a business to support her family. Going door to door, she sold support and surgical garments for Spenser-Spirella and became the top-seller within the company. Alma passed away in 1974, leaving behind a legacy of empowerment, wisdom and connection to family and the place we call home.