January 23, 2023

Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society is honoured to receive a grant from the Government of British Columbia in partnership with the United Way British Columbia to provide free menstrual products to residents as part of the ENF Period Promise Pilot Project.

Do you know that 50% of people who menstruate in BC – women, girls, nonbinary people and trans folks – have struggled to buy products at some point in their life? More than 25% have gone through a period without having period products, and 15% grew up in homes where they didn’t have access to menstrual products.

The generous grant from the Period Poverty Pilot Project Fund will enable us to test different models to provide free menstrual products to residents living in Entre Nous Femmes subsidized housing communities. Our project is one of ten around the Province that will help inform the Period Poverty Task Force to make recommendations to the government in March 2024 on ways to eliminate period poverty in BC.

When people have access to the products they need, it improves their health and well-being and makes it easier for them to maintain and build vital community connections and have a sense of belonging. We look forward to working with our partners, United Way BC, City in Colour Urban Consultancy Cooperative, Revol Cares, Aisle and Joni on this important project!

To find out more about the ENF Period Promise Pilot Project and how you can sign-up go to enfhs.ca/residents/periodpromise