Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society (ENF) has received a grant from the Government of British Columbia in partnership with the United Way BC to provide FREE menstrual products to ENF residents as part of the ENF Period Promise Pilot Project.

Participants will receive a one year supply of either reusable or disposable menstrual products.

Anyone that uses menstrual products and lives in an ENF subsidized building is eligible to participate. We encourage anyone eligible in your household to apply. You can register for you and your children and others in your household. Youth (13-19 years old) can choose to register separately from their household.

As part of the project, you will be asked to fill out three optional surveys over the next 12 months to understand the impacts of free menstrual products on your well-being and how the products and distribution methods have worked for you and your household.

If you have questions about the ENF Period Promise Pilot Project, please email,

Learn about the three options of reusable or disposable menstrual products available to participants

Option A


  • Free reusable underwear bundle (3 bikinis and 2 briefs)
  • Order online using a promo code (expires after 1 month)
  • Order delivered by ENF staff

Option B

  • Reusable underwear, cloth pads, menstrual cups
  • Order online using a $100 e-giftcard that will be sent to you (expires after 1 month)
  • Order delivered by mail

Option C

  • Disposable pads and tampons
  • Order online using a $90 e-giftcard that will be sent to you (expires after 1 month)
  • Order delivered by mail

This project is supported by United Way BC and Government of British Columbia.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What kind of menstrual products can I choose from?

Disposable menstrual products – pads and tampons
Reusable menstrual products – underwear, cups, and pads

Reusable menstrual products typically last for 3 to 5 years.

2. Who are the vendors? Can I get them from other places? 

You can choose from three local, B.C.-based companies committed to sustainability and menstrual justice as part of the pilot project. Check out their products: REVOLCARESAISLE and JONI

3. How will this work?

You get to choose the products you want. After you register and become a project participant, you will receive an e-gift card or promo code to order enough menstrual products for one year. You will place your order online, and the products will be either mailed directly to you or delivered by ENF staff, depending on your chosen option.  

4. Can I choose both disposable and reusable menstrual products?

You can choose either a one-year’s supply of disposables or a one-time order of reusable menstrual products, but not both.

5. Do I have to be an adult woman to participate?

Individuals of all ages and gender identities are welcome to participate. You are eligible for the pilot project if you live in an ENF-subsidized building and use menstrual products. You can register for others in your household. Youth (13-19 years old) can choose to register separately from their household.

6. Will ENF provide free menstrual products after the pilot project?

We don’t know yet. Part of the pilot project is to gather data to understand resident needs and the budget required to maintain the program after the pilot ends.

7. How will my information be used?

You will need to provide your name, contact information and product preferences to ENF to receive the menstrual products as a program participant. Any personal information collected will only be used as part of the project and will not be shared with United Way BC or third parties.

Our consultants, City in Colour Cooperative, will keep your optional survey responses confidential and provide only summarized data to ENF and United Way BC.