9883 – 140 Street
Surrey, B.C.  V3T 4M4

17 – 2 Bdrms
17 – 3 Bdrms
6 – 4 Bdrms

Total of 40 suites

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The waiting list for this building is generally less than 6 months.

Named for Jessica Ellen Johanne Tullock

Jessica Place is named after Jessica Tullock a grandmother of Darlyn Jewwitt, an original member of ENF. Jessica was born in 1916 in Lethbridge, Alberta a first generation Canadian as her mother Gertrude came to Canada from England and her father from the Shetland Islands in Scotland. An athlete, Jessie played baseball and basketball on the town teams while in high school and at the age of 15, she went to Edmonton to take a hairdressing course. She returned to Lethbridge and opened a hair salon. Jessie married at 22 and had her only child, a daughter. After her marriage ended in divorce, Jessie moved her daughter to Vancouver, BC, where she shared housing and child care with two other single mothers. Jessie would look after the children during the day and would work evenings while the other women looked after her daughter in the evenings. Jessie worked the night shift for the nickelodeon company, playing the Player Piano machine. People would insert a nickel into the machine and Jessie would ask them what song they would like to hear and would play it. It was during this time that Jessie dreamed of safe and affordable housing, specifically designed for single parents, surrounded by outdoor playgrounds and with child care on site. The Second World War had just ended and there were a lot of single parents and war widows in Vancouver but there was little interest and no funding for her dream. Jessie was a hard-working, quick thinking woman with a fantastic sense of humor who questioned the traditions she was brought up with and forged her own path, modeling a new empowered way to be for her daughter and granddaughters. Jessica Place honours the spirit and the dream of the grandmother who had the vision of a new way to live in community that met the needs of women and children.