1800 Rufus Drive
North Vancouver, B.C.  V7J 3L7

9 – 2 Bdrms
6 – 3 Bdrms
4 – 4 Bdrms

Total of 19 suites

Please visit our Applicants page for application information.

The waiting list for this building is anywhere from 1 – 2 years and sometimes longer for the larger suites.

Named for Margaret MacDonald Martin

Margaret Heights is named in honor of Debbie Anderson’s grandmother. Debbie is one of the first members of Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society (ENF). Born in Kaukapakapa, New Zealand, in 1892, Margaret was a second generation New Zealander, whose family originated from England. Margaret married at 17 years of age and raised her 9 children on a 100 acre dairy farm near the small town of Otorohanga. Margaret was well-known for her generosity and her commitment to serving the community and was an active member of the Women’s Division of Federated Farmers, an organization that raised funds to contribute to various women’s groups, including the Plunket Society, the first well baby clinic in the world. Margaret also possessed a traditional knowledge of herbalism that continues to be passed down through her maternal lineage, and it is in honor of her trailblazing spirit, that ENF invokes in the creation of caring communities.