3550 S.E. Marine Drive
Vancouver, B.C.  V5S 4R3

18 – 2 Bdrms
14 – 3 Bdrms
4 – 4 Bdrms

Total of 41 suites

Please visit our Applicants page for application information.

The waiting list for this building may be anywhere from 6 months to a year.

Named for Natalia Jastrzembska

Natalia Terrace is named for Natalia Jeastrzembska the mother of one of the original members of Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society, Christina Jastrzembska. Nataliai was born in Poland in 1925. With the advent of World War II, Natalia’s lost everything including her brother and mother. Finding herself in Germany after the war, she met her husband, a concentration camp survivor. Natalia, her husband and two young daughters immigrated to the United States in 1952 where with no money and little grasp of the English language, life was very challenging. As they struggled to maintain a home in New Jersey, holding fast to hope and a dream to provide a better future for her children, they family began a small business. Never losing sight of the dream and at the age of 50, her family immigrated once again to Canada, moving to Winnipeg. Natalia’s story of hope and perseverance against all odds speaks to the core of how ENF works within community, through the encouragement of the hopes and dreams of families everywhere.