March 8, 2023

In honour and celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023, we are pleased to announce that Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society is now a Certified Living Wage Employer!

We are proud to join Living Wage for Families BC and the Living Wage movement to support gender equity, poverty reduction and living wages in the non-profit sector. BC has one of the largest gender pay gaps in Canada, with women earning 17% less than men in 2022. The pay gap also disproportionately impacts Indigenous women, women of colour, immigrant women, women with disabilities and non-binary people. Paying a living wage is one step towards closing the gendered pay gap and enabling families to make a living that can cover their basic expenses like food, childcare, housing, transportation and savings.

At Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society, we are committed to paying all our staff and contracted service workers, many of whom are single mothers, a living wage. In Metro Vancouver, that’s $24.08 an hour. It’s an investment in gender equity and quality of life that we believe is worth paying for.

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